This event brings together experts from around the world to discuss the science, research, and medical care for Shwachman-Diamond Syndrome (SDS). The four-day event will feature scientific sessions, workshops, discussion groups, poster presentations, and patient sessions.

Date: Tuesday 18 - Friday 21 April 2023
Venue: Robinson College, Cambridge

Sessions include:

  • SDS: Future, Ongoing, Present, and Past
  • Ribosomes: Structure and biogenesis
  • Ribosomopathy failures
  • SDS Phenotypes beyond marrow failure and transformation concerns, natural history, growth, and management
  • Genes, genotypes and phenotypes
  • Clonal haematopoeisis in SDS and inherited marrow failures
  • Bone marrow challenges in SDS, Transformation, leukaemia, and transplant management
  • Discussion: Needs in current practice for bone marrow surveillance and stem cell transplantation strategy
  • Surveillance of clonal haematopoiesis: Improving practice, surveys and new research questions
  • Emerging and therapeutic approaches

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