27 November 2019

First of all, I would like to express my gratitude and thanks to Simon Rule for his support to me and his services to BSH, most recently as Vice-President. I am very sorry that we will be losing such a talented Haematologist from the UK but want him to know that he has all our best wishes for the future. So, as the UK prepares for an election, the BSH will also be opening up our board nomination process on Monday 9 December 2019, which will close on 13 January 2020.

This time, we will be seeking nominations for both the President and Vice President roles to commence after the Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) in April 2020. Having served in both the BSH Secretary and President’s role, I would recommend the senior Officer and Trustees roles as they are interesting, challenging and indeed, professionally developing. It is a great way to support both the UK haematology community now and into the future. Please do not just take my word for it and do watch this short video filmed at our 2018 ASM featuring volunteers discussing why they chose to do more for the BSH and what they have gained from this. In addition to our Trustee vacancies we also have a range of Committee vacancies, which I am delighted to report has increasing numbers of trainees and most recently, a medical student!

There is never a dull moment either and many opportunities to be motivated by an area of your interest to de-pressurise from the NHS. This week, for example, the Global Haematology Specialist Interest Group held its workshop. The burgeoning activities discussed include our Plenary Speaker Scheme to Low and Middle Income Countries, the Health Volunteers Overseas scheme, partnership with the East Central and South African College of Physicians (ECSACOP) and the neonatal screening programme in collaboration with the American Society of Hematology (ASH).

Our ASH peers are busy preparing for their Annual Meeting  next week and I will be there representing BSH in a fair few conversations to progress important international relationships and also to support an oral presentation from my research group. I am also proud that BSH and Wiley will be announcing the launch of our new open access Journal eJHaem at the ASH meeting. eJHaem is now accepting submissions to publish high-quality original articles that cover a broad array of haematology topics. Our amazing new Editor, Andy Evens will be there alongside our distinguished BJHaem Editor , John Barrett. If you would like more information on eJHaem please contact Professor Evens by email [email protected]

In rounding off the month of November, some of us might be looking forward to ‘Black Friday’ deals. While most would not associate that American import with BSH, we do have some fantastic deals! Do check out our incredible “60@60 ” special offer for Associate members wanting to attend our ASM, and the joint BSH-EHA membership and many more.

With my best wishes

Professor Cheng-Hock Toh, BSH President.